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BAC operates an open Admissions Policy that ensures fair and equitable treatment of all applicants and is committed to providing a flexible, high quality teaching and learning environment, focused on supporting students in achieving their full potential. The Institution offers a wide range of Business, Professional Accounting and Information Technology programmes.



The institution offers a wide range of programmes from the following school in,

School of Business and Leisure (SBL)

School of Communication and Information Systems (SCIS)

School of Finance and Professional Studies (SFPS)

School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS)

You can come in person to collect application forms from the Institution front desk, admissions office or you can download the application form from:


You can come in person to collect application forms from the Institution front desk, admissions office or you can download the application form from:



Before applying to the Institution, take a look at the entry requirements for your chosen programme from the prospectus which provides detailed information.



Submit your completed application form online or at admissions office. Please make sure you get your application acknowledgement letter.


Digitize your documents
Ensure all your documents have been converted into PDF certified. The contents of the documents should be clear and readable so that they can be assessed easily.

Create your Account (Sign-Up)
You will need a valid email address for easier communication between the Institution and yourself.

Login to Apply and monitor progress.
Using the email provided, login to apply and monitor progress of your application. Response will be provided through this platform.



Before you submit your application, you should ensure that you have attached (In a PDF format) the following supporting documents on your online application.


i. Copies of educational certificates including transcript (as 1 document).
ii. Copies of identity card (ID) or passport for international students.
iii. Any other supporting documents where names have been changed


i. Every part of the application form should be completed in full or write NOT APPLICABLE where appropriate. AN APPLICANT MAY APPLY FOR UP TO THREE (3) PROGRAMME CHOICES IN THE SPACES PROVIDED ON THE APPLICATION FORM.
ii. Where you don’t understand, our Admissions Advisors are available to assist you through the application process. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

Registration Procedure

The registration process is a mandatory requirement for all new and returning students that take place every academic year. For students to continue their studies with the Institution they are required to register as a student at the start of every semester. The registration process is divided into three sessions, being Early Bird Registration, Normal Registration and Late Registration. Students are required to make note of the registration deadlines and progression requirements.

Steps to follow when carrying out your registration as a new student.
• Login in to your Thitoacademics account
• Accept Offer
• Attach your Sponsorship letter / Financial guarantee letter / Proof of payment r • Write down your TR number (DTEF sponsored), Name of the company OR Self if you are Privately sponsored

What do I need for Registration?

• New students sponsored by DTEF are required to bring sponsorship letters on or before registration.
• Other government departments, parastatals, private companies’ sponsored students are required to provide the Institution with Financial guarantee letters.
• Privately/Self sponsored students are required to bring proof of payment of fees from the BAC Finance Office on or before registration deadline.
• Non-Batswana students must produce satisfactory evidence of award of sponsorship and resident or study permit in order to register.

Study Permit & Immigration

The office of the Registrar works more closely with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship under the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs (MLHA) to ensure that international students get the residence / study permit.

Visa Application documents

Students, Inclusions and Dependents

• Two identical passport size photos
• Birth and Marriage Certificates or a certified copy thereof in respect of each applicant, if the applicant is unable to provide such proof of birth, a statement setting out the reasons must be attached.
• A copy of the court order in question certified as being correct by an official of the court which made it, is required (if legally separated).
• A medical report for each application.
• A proof of admission letter in case of students.
• Relevant certificates if married, widowed, divorced or separated

Persons who are above 18 are required to apply separately if they wish to stay in Botswana and their applications should be supported by the person(s) upon whom they will depend on while in Botswana.
NB: Please ensure that you have all the necessary documents as provided in the checklist for residence permit applications and/or renewals.
Application fees, please refer to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship under the ministry of Labour and Home Affairs.

Where can I apply for a Visa?

All international applicants who will be applying outside Botswana can submit their applications at the Botswana diplomatic missions. There are 20 diplomatic missions in 17 countries around the world where visa applications can also be made: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Nations (New York), Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Applicants can also submit applications at Regional and District Offices around the country.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Tel: +267 361 1300

Migration and Visa Division
Tel: +267 361 1327/44
Toll Free: 0800 600 777



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