Research Excellence

Business and Leisure group

Botswana Accountancy College prides itself in undertaking impactful research in various areas. There are different categories of research that is undertaken at BAC, ranging from pure research and publications in peer-reviewed academic journals and applied research and commercialisation that is intended to influence policy and practice in real-life organisations and institutions. BAC academics also carry out research through supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students on their dissertation and research modules. This reseach is based on actual practical problems in various organisations across many sectors in the economy and some of it ends up being adopted and utlilised by some of the case study organisations to solve problems. Master's degree students form the bulk of this reseach output working with their BAC-allocated supevisors. Some academics convert these dissertations research output into peer-reviewed published research for wider dissemination. Other reseach forms are books, textbooks, manuals and case studies that are applied to improve teaching and learning. In addition, consultancy work forms a significant part of the research output at BAC. The BAC library hosts outstanding research by BAC academics and high-achieving outstanding postgraduate students both in print and electronic format.



a) Heritage and cultural tourism
b) Tourism development as an economic diversification
c) Leadership and management in SMEs
d) Informal business sector development

Researchers from Business and Leisure group are also involved in three additional projects in the areas of:

a) Entrepreneurship and SMMEs
b) Business and Governance
c) computer system re-engineering

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