- To offer a central organisation for the promotion of efficiency, progress, welfare, knowledge and general development among persons in the insurance industry.
- To promote and assist the study of insurance.
- To exercise control and supervision over the professional standards of the members to whom it has granted membership appropriate to their respective levels of qualification.
- To seek to improve the professional status of qualified practitioners and to promote interests, welfare and advancement of the members in general.

IISA collaborates with BAC in supplying knowledge material for students, prepares the examination material and arranges for the marking of examination papers and furnishes BAC with the results.


To enroll for Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) courses at BAC, an applicant must have BGCSE (or its equivalent) C in English and Mathematics.


BAC is a registration centre for courses for everyone in Botswana. Prospective students who are self-tutoring and wish to take examinations can register with BAC at any time of the year. However, no students can be registered three weeks or less before examinations. Self-tutoring students must pick up registration forms at the college.


i. Head of Supply
ii. Head of Commercial
iii. Supply Chain Manager
iv. Head of Logistics Operations Manager


The programme progresses through three stages: The Knowledge level, The Fundamentals level and finally the professional level. Students will need to complete 14 papers in total to qualify. BAC offers most of the ACCA courses that lead to chartered accountancy.

1. Certificate of Proficiency – optional pathways – (First level) i. FA1 Short term – applied to the short term Insurance Market ii. Long term – applied to the long term Insurance Market
iii. Retirement funds – applied to the retirement fund Market
2. Intermediate Certificate in Business Studies (ICIBS) (Second level) Short Term Insurance – Modules i. Business Communications ii. Business Calculations
iii. Business Organisations
3. Licentiate – Optional pathways (Third level) Short Term Insurance – Modules i. Personal Insurance Practice ii. Risk Management iii. Commercial Insurance Practice-
iv. Short term Insurance Law v. Goods in Transit Insurance
Long Term Insurance – Modules i. Long term Insurance Law ii. Life Underwriting iii. Life Claims
iv. Business Life Insurance Health Insurance

Students will sit and pass 14 papers in total. A maximum of nine papers in the Fundamentals level are available for exemptions.


Students will sit and pass 14 papers in total. A maximum of nine papers in the Fundamentals level are available for exemptions.

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