Certificate in Public Sector Procurement & Tender Process Management

What are the Programme’s Aims?

The programme aims to create a detailed appreciation of the requirements of the PPAD Act and of international best practices in public sector procurement. The program focuses on building the requisite knowledge and skills required in order to apply the requirements of the Act and recognised theoretical frameworks and models in the day to day management of public finance and procurement.

It recognises both the enterprise-wide (or ERM) importance of comprehensive risk management and the growing use of international standards such as ISO 31000 to equip future professional risk managers with the funda-mental knowledge and tools to make invaluable contributions to long-term organisational prosperity. The focus is on producing graduates who can understand, evaluate and implement effective risk management.

The focus is on producing graduates who can understand, evaluate and implement the Botswana Public Sector framework for procurement and tender management as outlined in the PPAD Act.

The graduate profile is one of a procurement professional equipped with the skills required to:

i. Develop a policy for managing the procurement function with the objective of achieving compliance with the PPAD Act.
ii. Design and implement the procurement framework, procedures and controls with the guidance of the PPAD Act; 
iii. Evaluate his department’s procurement strategy, policies and processes, and introduce improvements. 
iv. Apply international best practice based on recognized frameworks in managing the procurement function in their organisation; 
v. Build and champion a culture of risk awareness aligned with other management activities within the procurement function; understand the importance of public procurement as a strategic value-adding activity; 
vi. Explain the structure of the legal and regulatory framework for public procurement and the key features of each constituent part; understand basic procurement principles – competition, value for money, economy, efficiency, fairness, accountability, transparency and integrity; 
vi. ​​explain the different procurement methods​

Who should take the course

Taking the Certificate Course will confer extended advantages to all candidates who are currently employed within a public sector procurement function and also internal audit, accounting and administration.

i. Procurement Officers
ii. Managers and administrators
iii. Audit Staff
iv. Risk management staff.
v. Students enrolled in accounting, business, or financial degree programs


Professional work experience may be substituted for anapproprite degree. Relevant work experience will be advantageous for students taking this course. The programme is studied on a parttime basis flexi-modeenabling learners to upgrade their skills while working and applying them on a hop-along basis. The modules in the programme have particular importance in continuing professional development and facilitate accreditation of prior experience. The programme will be offered initially in Gaborone with a later rollout in Francistown Campus in the evenings, weekends and block release. Participants are expected from the public sector and, NGO sectors. The programme enables them to gain good analytical and problem-solving skills that add real value in their profession and across other industries. The course takes over 6 months either on a block release basis or part time in the evenings as follows:

Registration Requirements

i. Bachelor's degree or its educational equivalent from an accredited tertiary institution.
ii. Certain international professional designations may be accepted as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. iii. Appropriate relevant Professional work experience may be substituted for an approprite degree.
iv. Relevant work experience will be advantageous for students taking this course.

Essentials of good public procurement 20
Role of procurement and legal framework 20
Procurement planning 20
Preparation of bidding documents 20
Evaluating tenders and contract management 20
Strategic issues in public procurement 20
Application Procedure

i. Complete the Application form.
ii. Attach your certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates.
iii. Submit the application to Registrar’s Office, Office No 28.



Gaborone Campus
Programme Type: Postgraduate

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Programme Leader

Michel Katombe